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Welcome To Rotoconcept

Rotoconcept designs and manufactures video wireless transmission equipment for EOD robots, UAV platforms, as well surveillance. We offer systems that are much more rugged and reliable than most, utilizing digital COFDM modulation methods. We offer DVB-T compliance as well as proprietary narrowband modes, giving our systems higher performance and longer range, particularly in challenging RF environments, coping with multipath, and non-line of sight challenges.
Rotoconcept also designs and builds unique solutions for the transmission of wireless digital video and data feeds via UHF and microwave transmission as an OEM supplier to manufacturers in the robotics and UAV markets. We provide our clients with solutions that are flexible and easy to integrate into existing systems, giving our clients the ability to upgrade from SD to HD, or replace existing analog systems with digital.

We build high quality equipment at significantly lower prices than many of our top competitors, providing substantial value for our clients without sacrificing quality.

In addition, Rotoconcept has a great deal of expertise and experience in creating custom solutions to your wireless video and data transmission challenges. We can consult, advise, and help integrate the best solution for your needs.

COFDM Transmitter

Our products have diverse and wide-ranging applications, such as:

TV/Video/ENG (electronic news gathering) mobile productions
UAV and mobile robotics manufacturers - video imaging, command and control, telemetry, two way audio
Policing - mobile surveillance/crowd control/video evidence gathering
Border protection and monitoring
Wireless video anti-theft and asset protection systems - ideal for auto dealers, construction sites
Military - combat zone tactical awareness, surveillance etc.
Firefighting - to better monitor & combat remote fires
Mining - video feed for remote control of vehicles in unsafe or out of sight areas

Ultra HD, DVB-T compliant COFDM HD/SD transmitter available from VHF to 2.4 GHz


Ultra HD

Artemys & Explorer Tactical Robots, the only small tactical robots with 1080p COFDM video systems on the market

Artemys RobotExplorer HD tactical robot with digital COFDM and 1080p video.