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COFDM Video, accessories


RQ-M, Micro Full HD COFDM Video transmitter


Ultra HD

Full 1080p HD and SD in a single package. Available from 100 MHz to 1.35 GHz, or optionally on 2.4 GHz. The system is favored by EOD robot manufacturers for its robust performance, high video quality and Wide/Narrow band operating modes, along with optional ultra low latency (50ms) mode. Software selectable MPEGII/H.264 video codecs available in a single package. Supports QPSK/QAM16 and QAM64 modulations along with continuous tuning in 1 KHz steps. Available in 20, 23, 26, 30 dBm configurations. Choose from HDMI/Composite inputs, or HD-SDI.

Bare board config is 45x35x20mm with 20dBm output (100mW)


Ultra HD/SD

Ultra HD

Rotoconcept's new DVB-T compliant COFDM Digital video transmitter, the ULTRA SD/HD offers highly capable and flexible transmission platform for robotics, UAV's and broadcast applications. Capable of SD as well as full 1080HD resolution, with your choice of MPEGII or H.264 video codec. (Software selectable)

Bare board dimensions: 180x80mm

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Rotoconcept's RQ4-D COFDM video transmitter is the ideal solution where high quality, flicker free video is required. It is especially well suited for robotics and UAV applications as well as covert surveillance. RQ4-D is designed to transmit one video and two high quality audio channels, from UHF to 6000Mhz, in bands with up to 23dBm power. Coupled with low latency MPEGII or optional H.264 video codec, along with continuous tuning in 1Khz steps, RQ4-D makes an ideal and highly cost effective video transmitter for many different scenarios.

Bare board dimensions: 100x80mm

RQ4D on 900MHz

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RQ3 - High power DVB-T/Narrowband COFDM transmitter for NLOS and long range applications

RQ3 high power COFDM transitter

If range is an issue, RQ3 is sure to get the job done. Available in the VHF to 6Ghz MHz range with up to 20W of RF power, it is sure to leave the competition in the dust. Supports 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 MHz channels widths and available MPEGII or H.264 video codec, along with optional 1080i full HD resolution, it is likely the most cost effective solution for helicopter downlinks as well as long range UAV applications. Given sufficient elevation, this link can provide 100Km+ of wireless range.

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RQRTR - COFDM Repeater for DVB-T/Narrowband

DVB-T COFDM repeater

RQRTR is capable of receiving and re-transmitting DVB-T and narrowband COFDM signals without introducing noticeable latency. Reception/Transmission frequency:100-2600MHz in bands.

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RDV - Diversity COFDM receiver for SD/HD

RDV - COFDM video receiver

50-2600MHz with continuous tuning in 1KHz steps. MPEGII/H.264 CVBS/HDMI out


RDVE -2 channel SD/HD COFDM receiver with built in HDD and optional Ethernet RTP H.264 out

RDVE - 2 channel SD/HD video receiver


50-2600MHz with continuous tuning in 1KHz steps. MPEGII/H.264 Built in HDD, CVBS/HDMI out, along with optional RTP H.264 Ethernet out


USB COFDM receiver

Compact 4 channel USB COFDM receiver capable of receiving and decoding 4x MPEGII or H.264 COFDM-TS feeds simultaneously from 50 to 1400MHz using 1-8MHz channels widths

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Ultra HD, DVB-T compliant COFDM HD/SD transmitter available from VHF to 2.4GHz


Ultra HD

Artemys & Explorer Tactical Robots, the only small tactical robots with 1080p COFDM video systems on the market

Artemys RobotExplorer HD tactical robot with digital COFDM and 1080p video.