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Artemys Tactical or Industrial Robot


Artemys Robot

Artemys Tactical/Industrial Robot is a small and portable, and yet highly capable and flexible platform. This robot can be used for tactical awareness, and with it's standard two way audio it can also be used to monitor dangerous situations, and negotiate with suspects. Multiple Artemys platforms can be deployed and operated in the same environment, from a single controller by a single operator.
If multiple robots are used in the same environment, each robot can act as a repeater, significantly extending operational range.

Artemys can also be used in industrial applications.  It is an ideal solution to assist maintenance crews, allowing them to inspect components of automated production lines that would normally be inaccessible, while the line is running.  This can allow them to predict failures, particularly if equipped with a thermal camera, as components often operate at higher temperatures when worn and about to fail. This allows the scheduled replacement of components in advance, reducing production line shutdowns, and increasing efficiency.  With its tracked chassis it can access those tough to get to areas, and with its digital COFDM video it offers robust flicker free video, even in noisy RF environments.

Standard configuration includes 4 color cameras:
1080p HD 10X optical PTZ main camera
One forward facing driving camera, one backup, one vertical. 
2 way full duplex audio
Gamepad control
Up to 6 hour run time
Continuous video playback and recording from all four cameras
Secure digital wireless link from UHF to 2.4 GHz bands
Rugged robot controller with batteries and wall charger

Available options: 
Flipper arm
Thermal PTZ camera
Ground Penetrating Radar
Environmental, chemical, and explosive detectors
Camera continuous object following
Joysticks integrated into bottom plate of controller


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Explorer HD Tactical or Industrial Robot

Explorer HD robotExplorer HD tactical robot

Explorer HD is a small and portable rapid deploy tactical robot that is ideal for police applications.  Explorer features a fully DVB-T compliant digital COFDM video system, dual 1080p HD cameras mounted in a water resistant dome, 4 wheel drive, differential steering, a highly maneouverable platform, and a wide field of view.  Explorer offers the best value in the industry, with digital HD featured at an unheard of price point, making it affordable on any police budget.

Standard Features:

Dual 1080p HD dome mounted cameras

Digital COFDM wireless video links

4 wheel drive

Differential steering allowing tremendous maneouverability

Approximately 500 metre NLOS range when operating on UHF, substantial LOS range

8" 1080p resolution tablet and USB COFDM receiver

900 MHz FHSS for remote control

Incoming stereo audio

Available options:

Upgrade to 11" 1080p tablet

Choice of frequencies from 100 - 900 MHz, 2.2 - 2.6 GHz

Repeater to extend operating range

Higher power output to extend operating range

Higher power battery to increase endurance

Pelican case

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Ultra HD, DVB-T compliant COFDM HD/SD transmitter available from VHF to 2.4Ghz

Ultra HD

Artemys & Explorer Tactical Robots, the only small tactical robots with 1080p COFDM video systems on the market

Artemys RobotExplorer HD tactical robot with digital COFDM and 1080p video.